Self Discipline Will Give You Financial Freedom

They say that pursuig your dream to become financially stable is a long and winding road. And I will give you a straight answer “it depends”. It depends on how rich or broke you are. But even if you are rich you won’t reach your goal if you have not disciplined yourself on how to handle money. People who already experienced becoming broke had learned their lessons so they have significant chance to reach their dream. How about the people who are already contented on the way they live today? The ones who are living from paycheck to paycheck. This kind of living is just temporary, eventually when you grow older or there will be emergency expenses you will regret that you didn’t save money.

If you think you don’t have extra cash for savings every time you receive your salary, then you won’t understand the importance of saving money. You think that you will only start saving if you have enough money. This kind of excuse is what I personally hear every time I talk to a person who wants to start saving money. How much money did you get from a bonus or tax refund? This additional income can be put to your savings. The solid reason here is because you lack discipline and your goal is not yet clear.

Yes! It is hard to save money, but it can be done with proper discipline and personalized strategy. First is by listing all your money, where it comes and where it goes. This action will give you an outlook on what steps you are making next. If your income has excess after you deduct your expenses then great. But, if you spend more than your income then you are in deep trouble. Better change your lifestyle now or you will lose everything you have. Stretch your money in every possible way and don’t use your money for unnecessary things.

A grocery expense is one of the important things that should be planned. It is actually an expense that can be reduced to a certain amount. Groceries now have their own promos and perks to attract consumers. There are loyalty cards where you can earn points every time you buy, voucher coupons where you can use for discounts for a certain item and free deliveries where you can save gas and time. Not to mention the hassle of long lines to the cashier and getting hungry while doing your shopping. Remember you are trying to save every penny here so don’t be ashamed to grab these perks.

Be contented only when you’re money is working for you and not the other way around. Have time to understand how this works and why it is important. This article is simply straightforward and uncomplicated just follow what you think is suited for you. The burden that you might experience will bear fruit in the future and will give your financial freedom.

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