What is Financial Freedom?

Freedom is the state of not being restrained or at liberty; you are exempted from external control and interference. How about financial freedom? Financial freedom means you are the boss, you are living within your means with no financial debts.  This involves money that you need in order to live the life you dream of. The road to financial freedom is not easy and also not that hard, as long as you apply the basics. Create a realistic goal and make a plan on how to achieve it. You need to focus on your goal and discipline yourself.

Analyze your situation now by determining what level you are in your financial status. If you are debt free, then this will be a good time for you to start winning your goal. If you have an existing debt, then you need to pay it off first by reducing any expenses that are not necessary. You should know how far or close you actually are from achieving your financial freedom.  Now is the right time to spend less and save more, the sooner the better. By having a concrete goal and a strict plan to follow, you might achieve your goal in no time.

Save more for your retirement, emergency fund and savings. This one is the hardest thing to do, almost all the people who wanted to have financial freedom quit because of mismanagement. When you start saving money, you are actually changing your lifestyle at the same time. Goodbye shopping, goodbye eating at fancy restaurants, goodbye expensive entertainments and so on. Time will tell when you are going to adopt these lifestyles but this is the most effective one. Be contented on what you have now, this practice will help you in the long run. And will always be on your system when you reach your goal.

You can still go to the groceries because that is the only place where you get your food and other needs. Before going to the grocery, check first if the grocery has promos or perks. Groceries nowadays have voucher codes, loyalty cards and on sale items, this is their way to keep their customers coming back. Click here to find out more about these promotional offers. But please limit yourself on what to buy, be sure that everything you are buying are important and needed. If the store offers free delivery then grab it to save gas, time and money.

Control yourself and don’t let anyone compromise what you are dreaming of. How can you achieve your freedom if something is holding you back? Clear the path to your goal, your plan might be perfect but there is always another way to achieve it. Every personality is different remember everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Know these two and it will be easy for you to achieve your goal. If you are married or has a partner then team up. It’s way better to have a partner just be honest and communicate to each other. You will be more satisfied if you share your financial freedom to your loved ones. 



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